Playing through FFVI on my GBA SP. Terrific fun all around. Still pretty early in the game but I'm really loving it so far. As of now I only play while commuting on the train because that's when I only really have any true spare time to myself. I'm thinking of investing in a headphone adapter for the SP since it…


So did anyone else not get their Persona 4 Golden Vita skin (aka the Persona 4 themed sticker that supposed to go on top of the Vita)? I picked up my pre-ordered copy from Gamestop last week and in a rush I left without asking about it. On top of that Thanksgiving weekend got in the way of my returning and now I'm…

So maybe I'm just slow, but today I learned that EIC of Kotaku, Stephen Totilo, writes videogame reviews and editorials for the NY Times. How about that, eh? That's pretty cool imo. Probably not a big deal to most people, but I was genuinely surprised.

Just got a call from my Gamestop saying that they put aside a Wii U for me. Not sure if I want to pick it up yet so they said I have 48 hours. On the one hand, I do want one eventually so why not get it? On the other though, there's nothing I really want to play on the system... Thoughts?

Bought Professor Layton 4 since my best friend spilled the beans and told me he was getting me PL5 as a gift (he's not much for surprises). Not playing it quite yet since I still have Paper Mario: Sticker Star to play through.